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Alexander German Shepherds...our German shepherds Misty, Bruno, BabyGrace and YES BARNEY ! We welcome Barney to Alexander German shepherds, we are growing our awesome family here in the country.   God is Great !

Our German shepherds ...
          Misty, Bruno, BabyGrace and YES BARNEY !   

German shepherds are faithful and obedient large breed dogs at their best.They love and protect their families with their life if need be. They are smart,strong and very loving dogs.

 In the beginning...  .Misty and Harvey... are protective, loyal, loving and very self confident young parents that just had their first litter in October 2010 .  
The German Shepherd dog is a noble and best companion you could ever have. They are intelligent, courageous, eager to please and extremely alert.  German shepherds are a high energy dog that needs exercise daily. You will not find a better security dog or a loving companion than the German Shepherd dog. German shepherds are very loyal and loving to their families. They

German shepherds although a large breed are wonderful with children. Our German shepherds have been raised with children from birth. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our German Shepherd puppies. They are large breed and are high quality puppies.


               AKC German Shepherd Puppies of High Quality
                            Von Der and Vom of Germany

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AKC German Shepherd puppies... with paper work ...
Alexander German Shepherds